Thursday, 25 July 2013

Makeup the first!

This is a post about makeup.
This is not a makeup tutorial post, I am nowhere near good enough to attempt one of those bad boys.
It's more a post where I talk about what makeup and skin care I do as a cosplayer. (The cosplayer bit isn't important, i'm still just in shock that I've started a skin care routine whoa).
So anyway, uh, I just want to show the pieces of makeup I do love to wear, and just cute things I have laying about.

Lookit this loot.
I have lots more omg this isn't all of it! 

The eyelash curler is from Penneys/Primark, and it does what it says on the tin. (plus it is pink that is a super plus imo)
I love skinfood's bb cream it smells so nice, and I found out the other day they do one with raspberry and it WILL be mine :I /huffhuff.
Normal foundation-wise I use 'Catrice's' photo finish, it's good, slightly dark but it works well. Actually I've tanned up over summer a little so i'm not paper white anymore so it will
probably be the correct shade now! OTL Also I found a lovely smokey eye-shadow palette by catrice as well and I love using it.
I'm cheap and I can't buy 'kiss me heroine' liquid liner until after Ayacon so at the moment i'm using essence, and it's alright. I hadn't planned on using essence products again as the last liner I bought
from that brand was horrid and didn't work, but this one is really nice, it applies well and lasts. I use Rimmel eyeliner for my water line. I love using gosh eye-shadow (it's a glittery black colour) to set my liner.
I use Essences primer for my eye-shadow, it works a treat. The lipstick of choice I have here is Rimmel, it's a weird coral colour I've had a while and I can't see them name as I take off labels orz.
The item with the cat face is a lipstick I ordered from Ali Express also but the seller was super unhelpful as I requested a nude colour and I now own a candy pink lipstick which I won't wear. Yet I keep it as the case is the cutest thing ever.

I also ordered a cute makeup brush set! About €4 euro from Ali Express. Well worth the small few euro.
Not pictured is my lip brush but it's in my makeup case. 

I really like pink now ok. 

This giant makeup palette is one I ordered from a site called 'Ali Express' and it's really worth the money. It only cost me €8 and it's gorgeous, so many colors uwu.

I really love this, so many colours.
How do you use it? 
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Pretty much the most skincare i've owned in my entire life

As for skin maintenance (is that a phrase??) I use mostly 'Simple' products.
Shown here is: Eye makeup remover, spotless skin triple action face wash, cleanser, toner, moistureiser.
Essence is one of the only brands that doesn't murder my skin. I don't know what other brands are doing but my skin is literally like 'NOPE'.
The pink container is Garnier's rose scented moistureiser that I use on my hands, my hands seem to be ok with it, and I really love rose scented things ;w; they're so lovely.
Lastly on this the purple bottle is 'Johnson&Johnson's' blackhead clearing cleanser (which I subject my skin to after a night out of makeup, or at a con where i'm makeup all the damn time).
This stuff all works really well on my skin, and I do recommend it for people with more sensitive skin.

A before and after of makeup I did a test of for a cosplay. Just to show how different you can look with makeup done for a cosplay! I was just back after running so the makeup wasn't as nice as it could have been as my skin was pretty red from excercise, still it's a huge difference. You can really see the red on my face after I took the makeup off.

Left is after, right is before. 

Exactly Ross... Exactly.

I'm pretty glad I've started to enjoy wearing makeup, I don't have much confidence in my looks but by gum, whatever wizards invented makeup, I want to high five them because it is a wonderful thing, young Emma would high five me I think if she saw me today.

I hope you enjoyed my ramble about makeup, can you tell i'm grasping at topics?
I don't want to completely make this a nerd blog so i'm trying to vary it up. In the upcoming weeks i'll do a day trip to Dublin update, which will be fun!

In summary: Makeup is made by wizards, and makes people super cute. (ᅌᴗᅌ* )

Thanks for reading~ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Monday, 8 July 2013

Arcadecon 2013

So, as it is known I am a rarity on the Irish con scene, I decided to break that and attend a convention. Arcadecon was the one I chose...actually I digress, I attended for all of a day last year. 

mfw I arrived

Dear lord I do not regret the decision to attend, normally my complaint for Irish cons is that they lack that 'con feel' but at Arcade had it, I was not disappoint. I have one major regret, which is not signing up for VIP and not pre-regging, but I

have to say for English cons I pre-reg because if I don't I will not bother going (ᅌᴗᅌ* ) Anyway I was rooming with the ever wonderful Lydia, Ceire, and JAWN. Family room ahoy. We all met on the Friday morning, where I was greeted by Lyd and Cbear, after I went to Pennies, and cowboy hat hunting. I was literally exhausted meeting with them because i'd gotten distracted the night before sewing stuff and watching FREE! (SWIMMING ANIME). We headed out to the wonderful abode of Kitty and met up with a gang of cool kids and took a taxi out to the con. After a little (LOT) waiting around we got our hotel room, then went to get our badges. We also cosplayed, we were some of the 'mane six' characters from 'My little pony; Friendship is magic'. I was Applejack, Ceire was Pinkie Pie, and Lydia was Rarity, and tbqh I think we were precious!

Ponies... cute as frick. 

Friday was wonderful, sort of chill and hanging with friends, we ambled around the dealers room, chatted peeps, and generally just enjoyed things! Even the night was chill, props to the band who played you guys were pretty damn decent! Also I need to say that Melissa and Fiona are two of the most entertaining beings
on this con scene and their performance was majestic.

As a Kpop fan, I can't tell if they've improved on Girls Generation or actually ruined the song, I just know when I go to their concert, 'Gee' is going to have a whoooole new meaning.

Gee :

Dublin slang for female genitalia
The whack of her gee was brutal
-her vagina didn't smell very nice

I do however weep over the sad passing of my owl dress, tragically hit by a glass of beer, by a renegade dolphin pool float, a tragic casualty of the girls.

 I have to admit, i'm getting pleased that people over here are getting pretty decent taste in shows and stuff and the quality of cosplay is ever on the increase, it's like, woah, babbu's you're all getting so good, I am pleased.

Anyway on to Saturday, I myself cosplayed Hanji Zoe from attack on Titan, (despite not having the recon forces jacket, but I did have my cloak and my boots had arrived so I rolled with it!!!) ...I regret it highly as Ireland was all like 'oooh let's have a heatwave' and I was wearing four layers and it was atrocious. Next Arcade i'm wearing dresses, so many dresses it will be beautiful.

Make sure you visit , it is a friend of mine's shop and she sells beautifully made necklaces, and she covers so many fandoms it's amazing. (Jen plz you must keep me an attack on titan one ;__;)Kitty, I have to say your panel was pretty perfect, I have never laughed so much in my adult life, it was really, really fun, I hope the audience liked it to, I mean the topics they threw at us were majestic, I only hope more people attend next year!

Saturday night, me, John, Ceire and Lyd got into our themed outfits for the midsummers night ball, we were the four elements and I have to say we looked fucking amazing. (Pardon my French). We put so much work into planning this and it really paid off, good job guys! One of my highlights was a little kid looking at me like I was a Fairy Princess (I really was so happy because of this, I mean, eeeeee (;゙°´ω°´)).

We attended Declan's yaoi panel that night, normally I don't like yaoi so much anymore, but dear lord I make an exception for when I hear bara is happening and BAM I WAS NOT DISAPPOINT! Also it was wonderful that a pretty decent discussion broke out during it, holy crap yes!

After that we returned to hanging outside, as the party had ended so it was just a nice night of chilling out. (During which I got grumpy, I am attributing this to the heat ohmygosh).

Sunday, I was burnt out, so I literally made a beautiful, majestic and speedy exit. (After making sure Ceire, who got heatstroke was ok...actually I bought stuff as well...yeah manga, i'm a weeb, also I cosplayed Matsumoto, but i'm a lazy bastard and didn't want to mention that.)

Props to the girl who drew the Reiner print for me (i'll make sure to link her blog/devart here later) she is amazingly talented and patient. I have to say the guests were all wonderful people too, I am highly impressed with how down to Earth the guests are, and how willing they seem to be to mingle with all of us.

Kudos to the staff, I could barely stand to be in that heat, and that was while lazing around, you poor bastards had to actually get things done. Also I demand that Declan learn to punch the sun in the face so nobody has to suffer a heatwave during the con again holy crap. Midsummer cold spell anyone? Like literally if there had of been a breeze it would be...idek.

Honestly if there is one Irish con I recommend you to attend it'd definitely be Arcade con, the staff are wonderful, the guests are so nice, and the events are so damn amusing, not to mention we Irish are an entertaining group and you wouldn't regret attending. So like, get off your butt and get preparing for 2014's con, GOSH! If you don't... the viking of disapproval will look your way.

He's so real omg.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

A terrible review. 

So, manga and anime, them Japanese things you hear about so often (or not, I don't know your friend circles personally).
Normally being the girly girl I am (HA!) I read Shoujo and Josei add in horror... I have this terrible thing for horror manga, it's like that vice I have with horror movies _(:3」∠)_)
Seriously, there's usually nothing like an office romance, or slice of life story to keep me suckered into a story, it's the most addicting thing for me.

This is literally my 'manga reading' face.  

So anyway, I saw all over my twitter and facebook that people had been watching it, and when I saw my friend Rachie (Claranee (go follow her)) had watched it, I decided to give it a go.

I don't actually know if I regret the decision or not as it has effectively ripped my feelings asunder.
I like to think this is how 'Game of Thrones' fans feel.

The artist likes to weave this wonderful tapestry of a story, lets you fall in love with the characters and when you're sufficiently attached to them, rip your heart out and go 'serves you right for caring' That translates as 'if you love them they'll probably die...' totally not a spoiler.

Anyway I feel like I should probably throw a little bit of a plot in here.

Ok, so in a world that resembles a somewhat dated central European place (I say central European as I'm judging by character names, Jaeger, Leonhardt, etc) and humanity is on the brink of dying out and all the survivors live behind three walls.   "Wall Rose, Wall Sina, Wall Maria." Oops the walls are probably not in order. 
The quality of human life differs between each wall, the space between the first and second wall is pretty poor, between the second and inner wall is somewhat better and the king and all his posse live in the inner wall, which is considered the safest place on Earth.

(PS there are also these monsters called Titans ergo we have the walls.)
The walls are all humanity really have separating them from the Titans. The Titans just appeared one day, and their only objective is to eat humans, they don't attack animals, literally nothing interests them bar eating the humans they come across, it has no biological function, apparently we just taste that damn good.ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

Now we come to the protagonists, Eren Jaeger, and his friends who live just by the outermost wall. When we first meet Eren he's with his foster sister Mikassa. Also a point to note is, as a kid Eren is a little brat who don't take no shit from noone. He wants to grow up and join the scouting legion. (The scouting legion are Titan hunters, and pretty much this world's only offence against Titans.)
They go about doing their thing, see the scouting legion return, and meet a town guard; Hannes. The town guards have become nothing more than glorified drunks ignoring their duty to guard the wall from any Titan threats.


  "There hasn't been a Titan attack in 100 years

So yeah, you can kind of tell what happens next.Shit hits the proverbial plan and our story really starts, i'm not going to go into too much more detail as I hope this much has maybe tempted you to go watch or read it, either is fine to do, I read the manga as there are only four episodes out at the time i've written this and I was super impatient.

The final thing i'm going to speak of is my favorite character, Reiner. I'm pretty much going to say he's handsome, that's all I have. He's just my favorite, there are others that are high up my favorites, but just, he's fab. That's all I have. ♥~(‘▽^人)
I'm that terrible person who creeps on him sobbusobbu with no regrets ♥(ノ´∀`)

I'm also going to be cosplaying from the series, i'm hopefully getting my jacket commissioned by the wonderful Lucy, have found my cape, ordered my wig, am picking my lenses, and preparing to do the leather work to be Christa or Annie, and possibly Zoe. I love these ladies so damn much, I will try my best to do a good job. (n˘v˘•)¬

Seriously please go read it, it's so rare I get into something so much, so if I ever recommend you anything it's this series.

Thanks for reading!


senpai has noticed you 

Sunday, 14 April 2013


Gemucon; a gaming convention in Nottingham, Englandshire.

So I went away on a trip to England last week, and I got so ill during it I only felt well enough to blog about it now. ಥ_ಥ

I left my lovely home on the Wednesday because me and a friend had booked the earliest flights they had. (The airport is a very awkward one and only had two flights a day, very early in the morning or very late in the evening). I stayed in my friends house the Wednesday night in Dublin (her name was also Emma heehee)
I convinced Emma to come to my favorite local Korean bar 'Kimchi'. It was fun, soju cocktails are strong.

 I got the first one Jake (the barman) ever made (°◇°;)

We took a bus to the airport very early in the morning. I have to say I was a zombie during most of the trip over because I did spot copies of Sailor Moon at Emma's and i'd never managed to read it and... I didn't sleep at all really. 

Being a terrible gamer I went purely for friends, but I did try some of the gaming, a racing game, I fell off the track within a minute... nearly got back into 28th place (out of 30) fell off the track again and 'retired'. I cried for the poor tiny pixelated driver and his family. I also played a weird Taiko drum game, I totally won with pure, raw, talent.

Actually I decided to make an impromptu artists alley with my friend Greg, aka I stole paper, we drew on it, and left it there for the masses, and actually a lot of people drew on it, I was really pleased. 

I regret this so much, seriously, sorry Mr Ward. 

(wow I jumped ahead)

I'm not going to talk much about the con because i'm a jerk and didn't attend it much really and just hung out in the restaurant and friends rooms.

One thing I have to say about England... IT STILL HAD SNOW WTF??
During one of the moments I managed to wake up I did see fields with snow there, and the airport did manage to have snow at the bus stop ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .... it was a bad thing as i'd forgotten to pack a coat/cardigan/hoodie. I resigned myself to a weekend of being an icecube.

So we got to the hotel and stuff and apparently i'm one of the only people who liked it, but again i'm sort of an optimist in the fact that 'oh my friends were there they made it good'... actually i'm lying it was a mixture of that and a lot of alcohol. A LOT.
I give props to the staff they were lovely, really helpful and pleasant, one of the ladies at reception saw I had a glowstick and got so excited I gave it to her ahhh~

Got to see Dani (Jukei) one of my favorite people ever, she was looking lovely as per usual. (I have no idea it feels appropriate to see what).

eyyyy sexy lady

There were a few fabulous cosplayers over the weekend, two gorgeous vocaloid were amazing, my friend Rachie ( ) cosplayed from Dangan Ronpa sobsobsob yes and dressed amazing over the whole weekend negl. Charlie who cosplayed a beautiful Luka, and Fiona who was cosplaying from Idolmaster (And Bunny, THAT REN), also Lauren and Carlo's Bioshock cosplays were damn perfect. So even tho there wasn't a huge amount of cosplay, the quality of a lot of it was so good. I wanted to just burrow into the ground in my Uta no prince sama stuff. (RINGO PLEASE GET A FRINGE).

Thursday was a really good night, There were two events on at the con, a dinner for friends and a nights debauchery in the brass monkey organized by Jae ( ) . The dinner was fun, I wasn't up for eating much so I had a bowl of Kimchi (°∀°)b The Koreaboo in me was very happy.

The brass monkey wasn't 100% my thing, it was a very expensive place, so I had one shot before I toddled off. Don't hate me Jae.  I did however pop to Tescos and grab drinks to have with everyone, and Monster energy drink (LOW CAL (✌゚∀゚) ahahaha)

Friday night was just really good for hanging out, I mean all the hanging out was so fun, probably the highlight of the con for me wooo. 'stuff and things' etc. I literally had no idea chatting about the walking dead could be so much fun. props to the fab Rick cosplayer, dude, A+++

oops I accidentally was Daryl Dixon

The rest of the days all passed in a similar fashion, bar Saturday night in which I had a few too many drinks read most of Greg's Jaeger, and sir I will treat you on my birthday ohmygosh.  Sometimes when I have a few too many drinks I get... weird? So I had to be put to bed. (After ranting about game of thrones, and bio shock  both of which I've never read or watched wow, yet I know tonnes about because my sister rants to me about them.)

So after a while I had to be put to bed, thank you so much to my friend who had to suffer through drunk Emma. Totally a treat right?

Sunday I spent most of the day chilling out in a room with friends, till I felt human enough to actually attend the con. Which was really just me lying about the place in a massive pink wig. I actually attended the party and had fun that night which is a plus. 'Dolla Dolla Dolla Bill'.

Protip: that presidents game is evil, I was the last to put my hand up to my ear and got tackled to the ground.

I guess the best part of the con for me personally was getting to see all the cool kids I like to see. It was 50 shades of desu. Yes I went there, I said the thing.

Thank you everyone not killing me, I mean, why would you 'parkour' totally a legit joke, yes, go watch New Girl now ok, learn to love Schmidt. Or #yoloswag... only to be used in extremely ironic situations.
Also Lucy you should have come your tshirts were amazing ohmygod.
See you later guys, thanks for reading.

so kawaii uguuuu

Monday, 1 April 2013

200 pound beauty

I had another blog post planned but my sister mentioned this movie and ... well that completely usurped my entire nights plans. Granted I had planned to watch new girl and gorge on chocolate but damn'it they were good plans 

I had no idea I was going to like the movie, as I have a bad track record when it comes to watching Korean dramas. I've been 'watching' Coffee Prince for the better part of a year now and i'm only an episode in.

I'd heard several friends talk about the movie and I had it the back of my head that I did need to watch it but i'd sort of, put it off and off for so long and when my sister talked about it today I kind of went, 'DAMN WE ARE DOING THIS, IT'S A THING'.

And watch it we did, it's 2.55am and we're sort of in the aftermath of the movie and i'm so happy I did it. (Also my sister being the charming little bastard she is jumped at the chance to make me watch more Korean things as now we have an episode of Coffee Prince loading... hmmm ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

So the movie is about Han-na Kang, a very overweight girl, who despite the weight I find very charming and cute, she's literally so sweet I love her.

She's such a cutie honestly (✌゚∀゚)☞
She's in love with a producer for idol 'Sang-jun, (I neglected to mention that Han-na is 'the voice' while Amy is 'the face').

For a lot of the movie it feels like all Sang-jun see's is dollar signs rather than Han-na, I don't even think he's sort of, particularly mean to her, he just, she's an employee, nothing more? He doesn't go out of his way to be mean, or to be nice, he's just a boss? Amy however is a douche, she makes digs about Han-na's weight and stuff and it's just so nasty to watch.

Also a point to note is Han-na's dad is in a hospital, I think he has some sort of Alzheimer-y illness (it could just be dementia) but it seems he's forgotten a lot and thinks Han-na is his (presumably) late wife.

Stuff happens (which I won't explain as spoilers woah)  but Han-na decides to get some fancy pants plastic surgery to make her feel beautiful, sort of a 'I want my outside to match my inside kind of thing'.
She gets it done, loses all her weight and is super beautiful.

However everything doesn't go the way she wants it to, it kind of does, but doesn't at the same time.
I think the movie's main point was;

You can change yourself to be beautiful on the outside, but until you are happy with yourself as a person, you won't be truly happy.

At least that's the point I took away from the movie.

The other point is that Sang-jun becomes more attractive  the more you watch.

Damnit Sang-jun you handsome devil

I'd seriously recommend this movie if you sort of enjoy that whole issue of weight debate.
I mean I love the transformation in it, seeing Han-na grow as a person to a point where she stands up for herself and isn't ashamed of how she used to be anymore.
Plus there are some funny points.

My stance on plastic surgery and weight loss are pretty simple, 'do what you want to make youself happy'
you want to lose weight do it, you want to gym it, do it, lipo, do it, plastic surgery, do it. Personally I see nothing wrong with it, as long as you don't tread the.... ' ' kind of route. 

I mean if I could afford it i'd get some work done, I need a nice nose. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 

200 Pound beauty as described by my sixteen year old sister;

"get plastic surgery, get hot, get bitches" - Shauna 2013

... as long as you never mention having the surgery, her plan really works.

Seriously... why aren't you watching this?? *:.。. .。.:*・

Josimhaeyo everyone and thanks for reading. 

Thursday, 28 March 2013

This isn't your average hello.

Well hello there;

I spent a great deal of time wracking my brain about what could be a suitable first post for my blog.
Clothes and books were suggested to me, I decided that blog posts in the near future would be dedicated to such things. (This may change and I may decide to do something completely as the first post, but this is a rough draft and as such, I can do what I want wah!) The I decided, 'ohhh a post on Kpop, that will be a good idea' then I realized that might be too... stereotypical of me. As I am a terrible kpop nerd.

I've spent the better part of two hours trawling through five of my sisters favorite Asian bloggers for ideas on how cute the blog should be, and just, general ideas on content and stuff. I managed to create a header, but, when it comes to coding, I couldn't code a page if my life depended on it.

I kind of finally settled on an idea though, this is going to be a nice informative post to let you know on what I plan to blog, because, that's how I roll.

Since I got a nice camera for Christmas last year so i'm going to use that to just, record my days. When I go to Dublin, when I scoot to England, if I manage to cross the seas to Europe, Asia, or 'Murica (also Canada), i'll take pictures of the trips, of the pretty things I see day to day, of my fashion. I finally took an interest in clothes.  Honestly I find the cutest shops in Dublin that sell the sweetest things, I manage to get to eat in restaurants that serve the most delicious food. I tend to ramble through shopping centers and around different areas every visit unless I have a very specific plan.

I'll be trying out more makeup, and buying a lot of cute stuff in the near future because I need them. Like, I really need these things in my life. Who doesn't need a handbag made with a design that's Korean newspapers, a fox, or with text like 'minutemen, meat puppets'. Whoever doesn't is blatantly lying. (ᅌᴗᅌ* )

I want to just tell some stories, and talk about the places I like, and hopefully it all goes well. Like the stories I bring back from cons (complete with fabulous pictures of fabulous cosplayers oooooo).

Also i'm kind of not sorry there will be a post or two about my puppy, as dogs are the cutest things and whoever denies this (bar maybe Nathan or someone?) is totally a liar!

                               mfw people don't like dogs 

If I get brave enough I want to do a vlog, I'm definitely not as funny as I think I am so prepare for some possible crashing and burning.
It'll be me sitting in front of my camera for five minutes saying 'gosh... gosh... gosh... gosh... gosh' quality viewing if I do say so myself.

Anyway, expect the next post to be very interesting and full of interesting content, wow, ooo, how intriguing.

I've no idea how many days a week i'll update, but I might aim for Monday's and Fridays, i'm really coming to like schedules and getting things done, YEAH! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Josimhaeyo everyone and thanks for reading!

Also I lied this was a pretty average hello.