Thursday, 25 July 2013

Makeup the first!

This is a post about makeup.
This is not a makeup tutorial post, I am nowhere near good enough to attempt one of those bad boys.
It's more a post where I talk about what makeup and skin care I do as a cosplayer. (The cosplayer bit isn't important, i'm still just in shock that I've started a skin care routine whoa).
So anyway, uh, I just want to show the pieces of makeup I do love to wear, and just cute things I have laying about.

Lookit this loot.
I have lots more omg this isn't all of it! 

The eyelash curler is from Penneys/Primark, and it does what it says on the tin. (plus it is pink that is a super plus imo)
I love skinfood's bb cream it smells so nice, and I found out the other day they do one with raspberry and it WILL be mine :I /huffhuff.
Normal foundation-wise I use 'Catrice's' photo finish, it's good, slightly dark but it works well. Actually I've tanned up over summer a little so i'm not paper white anymore so it will
probably be the correct shade now! OTL Also I found a lovely smokey eye-shadow palette by catrice as well and I love using it.
I'm cheap and I can't buy 'kiss me heroine' liquid liner until after Ayacon so at the moment i'm using essence, and it's alright. I hadn't planned on using essence products again as the last liner I bought
from that brand was horrid and didn't work, but this one is really nice, it applies well and lasts. I use Rimmel eyeliner for my water line. I love using gosh eye-shadow (it's a glittery black colour) to set my liner.
I use Essences primer for my eye-shadow, it works a treat. The lipstick of choice I have here is Rimmel, it's a weird coral colour I've had a while and I can't see them name as I take off labels orz.
The item with the cat face is a lipstick I ordered from Ali Express also but the seller was super unhelpful as I requested a nude colour and I now own a candy pink lipstick which I won't wear. Yet I keep it as the case is the cutest thing ever.

I also ordered a cute makeup brush set! About €4 euro from Ali Express. Well worth the small few euro.
Not pictured is my lip brush but it's in my makeup case. 

I really like pink now ok. 

This giant makeup palette is one I ordered from a site called 'Ali Express' and it's really worth the money. It only cost me €8 and it's gorgeous, so many colors uwu.

I really love this, so many colours.
How do you use it? 
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Pretty much the most skincare i've owned in my entire life

As for skin maintenance (is that a phrase??) I use mostly 'Simple' products.
Shown here is: Eye makeup remover, spotless skin triple action face wash, cleanser, toner, moistureiser.
Essence is one of the only brands that doesn't murder my skin. I don't know what other brands are doing but my skin is literally like 'NOPE'.
The pink container is Garnier's rose scented moistureiser that I use on my hands, my hands seem to be ok with it, and I really love rose scented things ;w; they're so lovely.
Lastly on this the purple bottle is 'Johnson&Johnson's' blackhead clearing cleanser (which I subject my skin to after a night out of makeup, or at a con where i'm makeup all the damn time).
This stuff all works really well on my skin, and I do recommend it for people with more sensitive skin.

A before and after of makeup I did a test of for a cosplay. Just to show how different you can look with makeup done for a cosplay! I was just back after running so the makeup wasn't as nice as it could have been as my skin was pretty red from excercise, still it's a huge difference. You can really see the red on my face after I took the makeup off.

Left is after, right is before. 

Exactly Ross... Exactly.

I'm pretty glad I've started to enjoy wearing makeup, I don't have much confidence in my looks but by gum, whatever wizards invented makeup, I want to high five them because it is a wonderful thing, young Emma would high five me I think if she saw me today.

I hope you enjoyed my ramble about makeup, can you tell i'm grasping at topics?
I don't want to completely make this a nerd blog so i'm trying to vary it up. In the upcoming weeks i'll do a day trip to Dublin update, which will be fun!

In summary: Makeup is made by wizards, and makes people super cute. (ᅌᴗᅌ* )

Thanks for reading~ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


  1. Would you consider using foundation primer? After the skincare maintenance routine and before putting on makeup. It makes applying foundation and blusher smoother, just as how eye primer works for your eyeshadow..

  2. I didn't realize you could get foundation primers! Can you recommend me some brands? ;w;

    1. I use Bourjois as a foundation primer as it smells nice *A* No7 do one too that's reasonable. Accessorize does one but I haven't tried it yet.

      Yay make up! I am such a huge make up whore haha.
      If you want to try branching oht skincare wise. There is a brand called 'Good Things' which uses natural ingredients and is nice and soft for sensitive skin. It smells really nice, I currently use the pomegramete cream cleanser *3*