Monday, 8 July 2013

Arcadecon 2013

So, as it is known I am a rarity on the Irish con scene, I decided to break that and attend a convention. Arcadecon was the one I chose...actually I digress, I attended for all of a day last year. 

mfw I arrived

Dear lord I do not regret the decision to attend, normally my complaint for Irish cons is that they lack that 'con feel' but at Arcade had it, I was not disappoint. I have one major regret, which is not signing up for VIP and not pre-regging, but I

have to say for English cons I pre-reg because if I don't I will not bother going (ᅌᴗᅌ* ) Anyway I was rooming with the ever wonderful Lydia, Ceire, and JAWN. Family room ahoy. We all met on the Friday morning, where I was greeted by Lyd and Cbear, after I went to Pennies, and cowboy hat hunting. I was literally exhausted meeting with them because i'd gotten distracted the night before sewing stuff and watching FREE! (SWIMMING ANIME). We headed out to the wonderful abode of Kitty and met up with a gang of cool kids and took a taxi out to the con. After a little (LOT) waiting around we got our hotel room, then went to get our badges. We also cosplayed, we were some of the 'mane six' characters from 'My little pony; Friendship is magic'. I was Applejack, Ceire was Pinkie Pie, and Lydia was Rarity, and tbqh I think we were precious!

Ponies... cute as frick. 

Friday was wonderful, sort of chill and hanging with friends, we ambled around the dealers room, chatted peeps, and generally just enjoyed things! Even the night was chill, props to the band who played you guys were pretty damn decent! Also I need to say that Melissa and Fiona are two of the most entertaining beings
on this con scene and their performance was majestic.

As a Kpop fan, I can't tell if they've improved on Girls Generation or actually ruined the song, I just know when I go to their concert, 'Gee' is going to have a whoooole new meaning.

Gee :

Dublin slang for female genitalia
The whack of her gee was brutal
-her vagina didn't smell very nice

I do however weep over the sad passing of my owl dress, tragically hit by a glass of beer, by a renegade dolphin pool float, a tragic casualty of the girls.

 I have to admit, i'm getting pleased that people over here are getting pretty decent taste in shows and stuff and the quality of cosplay is ever on the increase, it's like, woah, babbu's you're all getting so good, I am pleased.

Anyway on to Saturday, I myself cosplayed Hanji Zoe from attack on Titan, (despite not having the recon forces jacket, but I did have my cloak and my boots had arrived so I rolled with it!!!) ...I regret it highly as Ireland was all like 'oooh let's have a heatwave' and I was wearing four layers and it was atrocious. Next Arcade i'm wearing dresses, so many dresses it will be beautiful.

Make sure you visit , it is a friend of mine's shop and she sells beautifully made necklaces, and she covers so many fandoms it's amazing. (Jen plz you must keep me an attack on titan one ;__;)Kitty, I have to say your panel was pretty perfect, I have never laughed so much in my adult life, it was really, really fun, I hope the audience liked it to, I mean the topics they threw at us were majestic, I only hope more people attend next year!

Saturday night, me, John, Ceire and Lyd got into our themed outfits for the midsummers night ball, we were the four elements and I have to say we looked fucking amazing. (Pardon my French). We put so much work into planning this and it really paid off, good job guys! One of my highlights was a little kid looking at me like I was a Fairy Princess (I really was so happy because of this, I mean, eeeeee (;゙°´ω°´)).

We attended Declan's yaoi panel that night, normally I don't like yaoi so much anymore, but dear lord I make an exception for when I hear bara is happening and BAM I WAS NOT DISAPPOINT! Also it was wonderful that a pretty decent discussion broke out during it, holy crap yes!

After that we returned to hanging outside, as the party had ended so it was just a nice night of chilling out. (During which I got grumpy, I am attributing this to the heat ohmygosh).

Sunday, I was burnt out, so I literally made a beautiful, majestic and speedy exit. (After making sure Ceire, who got heatstroke was ok...actually I bought stuff as well...yeah manga, i'm a weeb, also I cosplayed Matsumoto, but i'm a lazy bastard and didn't want to mention that.)

Props to the girl who drew the Reiner print for me (i'll make sure to link her blog/devart here later) she is amazingly talented and patient. I have to say the guests were all wonderful people too, I am highly impressed with how down to Earth the guests are, and how willing they seem to be to mingle with all of us.

Kudos to the staff, I could barely stand to be in that heat, and that was while lazing around, you poor bastards had to actually get things done. Also I demand that Declan learn to punch the sun in the face so nobody has to suffer a heatwave during the con again holy crap. Midsummer cold spell anyone? Like literally if there had of been a breeze it would be...idek.

Honestly if there is one Irish con I recommend you to attend it'd definitely be Arcade con, the staff are wonderful, the guests are so nice, and the events are so damn amusing, not to mention we Irish are an entertaining group and you wouldn't regret attending. So like, get off your butt and get preparing for 2014's con, GOSH! If you don't... the viking of disapproval will look your way.

He's so real omg.


  1. I found your blog, and I'm glad you have fun at the con. My condolence about your dress, if I may.. we shall hunt for those responsible of this evil crime! *pitchfork mode*
    See you again at ArcadeCon 2014.. don't forget to VIP!

  2. ...I better see you before arcade 2014!!!